Nutritious Hair Mask (9 oz.)



Our hair mask has a divine texture. It will nourish and repair hair leaving it smooth and shiny. Store in a cool, dry place preferably away from sunlight.

Can be cleaned and sent back for a refill at a discounted price.

How to use: apply to your wet hair from scalp to tip until fully coated. (Focus more on ends or roots depending on necessity). Use your fingers to gently rub the product into your hair, let it sit for a moment before rinsing out.

Ingredients: organic coconut oil, BTMS (vegetable based), mineral water, cosgard, coco/jasmine/monoi aromatic extract.

  • Handmade
  • Ships worldwide from the United States

Organic Vegan • Cruelty-Free • Paraben-Free • Petrolatum-Free • Fragrance Free

Please enjoy! If you do, please write a review of your experience with us; it helps tremendously.


We are a small business and rely on a limited stock of ingredients. Please allow about a week between purchase time and shipping as our products sometimes have to be made to order.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
In love <3

We are absolutely in love with this hair mask, for the whole family ! It leaves the hair beautiful and light.
Perfect match for the solid shampoos !
Thank you LAMissApple for creating these exceptional products !!

Thank you so much !!!!
It is our mission and honor to create some treasures from the nature for you.

Best product ever

I bleach and color and bleach again and use heat, I do everything that you should do to your hair if you want them to look nice soft and shiny... this is my miracle product, it’s just so well made and balanced, you don’t need much of it, you can use it as a conditioner too it works wonders! Thanks for creating it, please never change it!! 💕

We love you so much

Caroline Mitchell
Great products

After months of using your solid shampoo (very practical for travelling in the small size, especially as I use it as a body soap), I just tried your Jasmine Hair Mask. Not as mask (no patience for that), but as a conditionner after your shampoo instead of my usual high end oil. My hair is soft, shiny and fluffy (if that is the right word). Added bonus, I was asked the name of my "new perfume" when I walked into the living room ! Just bought another jar for a friend. And I love your packaging. Continuez et prenez soin de vous.

Caroline Mitchell

After months of using exclusively your solid shampoo (great for travelling in the smaller size, especially as I also use it as a body soap) and gifting it to a lot of friends in France, I just tried your Hair Mask, not as a mask (no patience for that) but as a conditionner after your shampoo. Previously, I used a non rincing high end oil after the shampoo. Today, not only I had no need for any post shampoo product but my hair was shiny, soft and "fluffy" (if that is the word). Added bonus. I was asked the name of my new perfume when I walked into the living room ! Thank you so much. And I love your packaging. Continuez et prenez soin de vous.

Ashley A.
Exceptional minimalist product

As a low waste minimalist, I wanted to challenge myself to see if a healthy low/zero conditioner existed without a long ingredient list. It's taken months... But behold this mask! Made to order, smells wonderful, and my hair literally submits to it. I have a very thick, dense, afro textured hair and this gets the detangling/hydrating job done. It's very concentrated, and doubles as a leave in, just make sure you use just a dab. My search for a conditioner is finally over!

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