"be the change you want to see"

LAMISSAPPLE was born from the passionate conviction that we need to start living more authentic, frugal and mindful lives if we want to give our children a chance to witness the beauty of our planet.

That’s why all of our products are hand crafted and home made with love, using only the best organic and chemical-free ingredients. That’s also why everything we ship is waste free. No plastics. Just reusable and recyclable containers. And finally that’s why we make products that last longer and smell better than anything you’ve ever tried.

Because we only care about two things : your well being and the well being of mother Nature.

Come share our passion and our lifestyle and start reshaping our future.

Because more than just cosmetics,  LAMISSAPPLE  is a sustainable way of life.

“We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our Children"

Antoine de Saint Exupery