“Inward” solid perfume


This Fragrance Gesture is inspired by the enfleurage technique used in times past to capture the scent of flowers and essential oil. Its alcohol free wax is a scented balm that is applied with the fingertips, to reveal the unique signature of LAMISSAPPLE

Scent : Woody & Florale

 Shelf life 6 months

Olfactory Notes :

Raw Materials

Frankincense / Myrrh / Rose / Patchouli / Jasmine / Amber / Camphor & white Musk


Ingredients :

White Bee Wax , Jojoba Oil , Vitamin E .


How to use :

Simply Rub your finger in the tin and then place some on the following :


side or back of neck

behind ears

back of knees

inside of elbows



bottom of feet

Other uses for solid perfume :

Cuticule cream and dry cracked fingers

Healing Salve

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