Dishwasher pods - pack of dozen or single


Our dishwasher pods are based with mineral,few drops of black soap , citrus and tons of kindness .

They effectively remove even stuck on food residues  and leave your dishes squeaky-clean, plus they are veagn and cruelty free .

Don't forget to run your dishwasher with full load, so you can do a small act of love for our planet .

How to use:

For the best results, load items with soiled surfaces facing the center. Silver, aluminum & Stainless steel should bewashed in separate loads to avoid decoloration.

Don't pre-rinse dishes before putting them in the dishwasher - scrape off food and empty liquids, the diswasher will do the rest . If you rinse dishes first, use cold water.

Place one pod in the main dispenser cup or close dispenser door. Do not handle pod with wet hands.

. Handmade

. Ingredients : Washing soda, baking soda, Acid citirc, salt , water , black soap , essential citrus

. Ships worlwide from the United States of America

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